The NETWORK specializes in programs to enhance access, and success, for traditionally academically at-risk populations such as English Learners and Special Education students. An appreciation of the special needs of these students, coupled with a strong research base on what works, leads the way to creating situations in which all students can be successful. The NETWORK will help schools and districts to design programs and select products to meet student needs in their unique context.

Data based identification of the areas of need

Application of relevant research

Creation of aligned curriculum, instruction, assessment and intervention to accelerate the learning of English Learners, Special Education students and other at-risk populations

Products for Success

The NETWORK works with high quality, ethical businesses, with a track record of success. Schools and districts will also benefit from the serevices of the NETWORKS’ team of highly experienced staff who guide districts to those materials and services that are best matched for their needs.

Dropout Prevention and Recovery

Despite all the hard work, best intentions and special programs implemented at schools some students still fall through the cracks. How can we reach those students and motivate them to continue their education? Dropouts or potential dropouts need a different environment and learning system to re-engage them in education and support their success. The NETWORK can connect districts to companies and programs that have demonstrated success with this special population of students.