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Post Secondary Education
Higher Education is an integral part of our vision at the NETWORK. Whether for students or staff, access to a variety of Post Secondary Institutions is facilitated by our partners. And tuition assistance programs may also be available.

For Education Professionals
When it is time to hone your professional skills or get that advanced degree let the NETWORK help. Busy professionals need flexible programs that allow them to advance their professional capacity and skills while working full time.

For Post Secondary Institutions we support Regulatory/Compliance issues by offering the following services:

Solve and implement the new Title IV including defining the credit to clock hour and conversions including curriculum mapping to validate solutions

Creative solutions to address Gainful Employment regulation

Find solutions for educational issues, program development, and program approval that are compliant with state, regional and national accrediting bodies

Full school audits to prepare for accreditation site visits


Online Education

In today’s world, amid the looming budget cuts throughout the education industry, schools need to be nimble and find creative solutions to stay in the game. At the NETWORK we offer complete solutions to get your school online. Our services range from experts in starting up on-line institutions, to encompassing licensure, accreditation, retention, operations, academics, admissions, faculty recruitment, online platforms and enrollment.

Want to move toward a blended curriculum in your school or district? Recent research shows a combination of online and traditional teaching can reach the needs of a larger number of students. We can help districts figure out the best path to creating a blended program that works for the particular context and resources of each individual district.

Schools can save millions of dollars using an online delivery model and give students the flexibility they need, keeping current in the latest trends.