Research is clear that in order for a district to be successful at eliminating the achievement gap it must have strong, high quality, focused leadership with an equity focus. Providing instructional leadership, reorienting the organization, and establishing policy coherence are hallmarks of districts that have been successful in improving student achievement. The NETWORK will work with districts to determine what additional support is needed across the district to successfully implement a new program or reform.

Provide training for leaders

Manage sustainability

Develop structures that support change and build capacity

Research to inform decisions

Professional Development

For any new initiative to be successful there must be well-planned, relevant, on-going, job-embedded professional development to support it. Too often research proven strategies or programs fail to achieve the hoped-for results because the proper training and support wasn’t available at the time or level needed. To reach the 90% implementation rate that research says is necessary for any program or strategy to be successful, aligned and effective, professional development is needed.

Planning PD to meet the need of a district or program for the long term

Keeping the focus through integrated planning and a systemic view

Building capacity of leadership and staff through high quality training

Planning training to build sustainability

Expanding training to differentiate for staff at different levels of implementation of targeted strategies