The NETWORK for Educational Access ensures the highest level of quality and expertise through an Advisory Board of knowledgeable practitioners in the area of educational equity. The talents of well-known representatives from professional organizations are valuable in setting the direction and purpose of The NETWORK. The Advisory Board meets regularly to guide the company toward emerging research and trends in business and education.

Advisory Board Members and their Affiliations
Ron Montoya – Principal, Clark County SD, Nevada
Dr. Betty Rosa – Regent, New York State Board of Education
Dr. Hector Montenegro – Consultant, Former Superintendent
Dr. Michael Escalante – Professor at USC, Former Superintendent
Lois Salmon – Post Secondary Consultant

NETWORK Associates
Tom Davis – Lead Associate on Business, Sales, and Marketing
Juan Cabrera – Attorney
Dr. Thomas Cruz – Human Resources
Dr. Karen Janney – Leadership and K-12 Education
Jonathan Kropp – Grants and RFPs
Dr. Jose Leyba – former Provost, Pima Community College
Enrique Morones – Political Consultant
Lois Salmon – Post Secondary and On-line Education
Chris “Bully” Soares – Technical Advice
Nancy Stubbs – Implementation, Planning, and K-12 Education