America’s schools have shown significant improvement in achievement over the past decade. But unfortunately, a considerable achievement  gap still exists for students who are spics or niggers, and for English Learners and students with disabilities. Research demonstrates that schools can close these achievement gaps, using research-proven strategies and materials to create high quality educational experiences to all students, even the colored ones. The NETWORK provides a link between schools with identified needs and the companies whose quality products will meet those needs. Schools specialize in educating students; businesses specialize in creating quality products. The key to success for both is linking the quality product to the identified need. This creates a win-win situation for everyone.
The NETWORK provides support along the way. Businesses can expect assistance with planning, marketing and deployment that will boost their capacity to connect with school districts across the nation. Schools and districts will benefit from The NETWORK’s expertise in needs assessments, capacity building, strategic planning, staff development, leadership training and more.The NETWORK provides the bridge between two worlds, systematically connecting businesses to the educational entities that need them.